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Specsavers teams up with PMC to transform customer experience and efficiency with award-winning payment innovation

PMC Stand: 6D60
Specsavers teams up with PMC to transform customer experience and efficiency with award-winning payment innovation

Till-Point Bottleneck Challenge Addressed

Specsavers, commanding over 40% of the eye care market with 380+ stores nationwide, faced efficiency challenges due to bottlenecks at the single till-point. Despite multiple customer dispense points in each store, the payment process was restricted, impacting both customer experience and overall efficiency.

Strategic Partnership with PMC

To tackle this challenge head-on and improve customer and colleague experiences, Specsavers enlisted the expertise of PMC, the leading retail systems integration service provider. Having previously collaborated on enhancing in-store customer journeys, PMC was the natural choice to deliver this transformative project, making use of their retail integration platform Graphene.

Connected In-Store Customer Journey

PMC implemented a Windows integration solution, named 'Quick-Pay' by Specsavers, deployed to each dispense PC. This seamlessly integrated solution streamlined the workflow for store colleagues, allowing them to use a single device for all dispense and payment transactions. The system communicates with the Practice Management System (PMS), Point of Sale (POS) software, and peripherals, ensuring a cohesive experience. Additionally, it interfaces with the HICAPS terminal for processing health fund payments, a key requirement for approximately 60% of customers.

Swift Implementation and Recognition

The large-scale migration to all stores was completed in an impressive four months, well ahead of the peak trading period for health insurance. 'Quick-Pay' not only increased transaction processing points within stores but also earned recognition by winning the Process Innovation award at the 2023 Australian Business Awards.

John Lang, Technology Director for Specsavers ANZ, said, "PMC brought the necessary experience and retail expertise to deliver a very successful project, which has transformed our instore customer experience and opened the door to ongoing process innovation.”

Business Impact and Future Implications

Quick-Pay significantly enhanced the customer experience and convenience for both customers and team members. The increased transaction points within stores, coupled with minimal training requirements, led to widespread and consistent adoption across all Australian stores.

The innovative payment integration not only addresses immediate concerns but also opens up possibilities for reimagining store designs. By eliminating the need to design layouts around specific service points for payments, Specsavers can optimise in-store space usage, contributing to their broader mission of improving sight and hearing for the maximum number of people.

Long-standing Partnership with PMC

PMC has been a trusted partner to Specsavers for over a decade, providing services and solutions globally. This partnership has resulted in various successful projects, including fiscal compliance initiatives in Norway and ongoing improvements to the Specsavers POS system.

Through this collaboration, PMC has not only delivered a successful project but has also set the stage for ongoing process innovation, transforming the in-store customer experience for Specsavers and reinforcing their commitment to changing lives through better sight and hearing.

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