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Uncovering the Success Story: Russell & Bromley

BrOne Stand: 6J73
Uncovering the Success Story: Russell & Bromley

Who are Russell & Bromley

Founded in 173, Russel and Bromley has deep roots in the heart of London, a city renowned for its fashion heritage and creativity. The brand has stood the test of time, evolving with the ever- changing fashion landscape while staying true to their core values of excellence and elegance.

Identifying the Challenges

Insufficient Training

Lack of comprehensive training, leaving teams unfamiliar with proper procedures and unaware of the full potential of D365.


Teams were not consistently following correct processes, resulting in inefficiencies and deviations from established workflows.

Technology Underutilisation

Failed to leverage the full capabilities of D365, leading to suboptimal performance and reliance on manual off-system methods.

Overcoming the Challenges

Training Strategy Development: We collaborated with the IT Director and Business Change Manager to create a training strategy tailored to Russell and Bromley's specific needs. The strategy aimed to engage and equip the team with the knowledge required to maximise the available functionality in D365 (Supply Chain, Retail, POS, Hand Held Terminals)

Identifying Knowledge Gaps: We engaged with subject matter experts within Russell and Bromley to gain a deep understanding of the challenges and pain points they were facing. Through this process, we identified gaps in knowledge and areas where the team required additional support.

Material Development: The development of training materials involved customisation to address the identified knowledge gaps and pain points. These materials were designed to provide practical guidance and enable the team to effectively navigate and utilise D365.

Delivery Plan: A delivery plan was formulated to ensure a structured and efficient training process. The plan included timelines, training sessions, and resources required with the aim to up-skill the team in the ways of working in D365.


Key Benefits

Knowledge Transfer

We provided the subject matter experts at Russell and Bromley with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively deliver training to the wider teams.

Enhanced Engagement

The wider teams at Russell and Bromley became more engaged in the ways of working within D35. They gained a deeper understanding of the system's capabilities and the correct processes to follow. This increased engagement and led to improved process adherence across the organisation.

Improved Efficiency

Reduced errors through our training support which directly contributed to a better customer experience. With streamlined processes, accurate data, and faster service delivery, Russell and Bromley were able to provide a more seamless and satisfying experience for their customers.


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