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18 Mar 2024

Visit PFM at the '24 Retail Technology Show!

PFM Stand: 6A47
Visit PFM at the '24 Retail Technology Show!

PFM Intelligence Group is excited to be part of the Retail Technology Show, happening at Olympia, London, from April 24th to 25th. This leading retail event is the perfect place to explore new trends, tools, and strategies for improving customer experience, increasing sales, and making businesses run more smoothly.


Turning data into opportunities
Have you ever considered the impact of increasing your conversion rate by 1% on your busiest day? At PFM, we specialise in converting data on people's movements into actionable insights. These insights enable you to make informed, evidence-based decisions. 


Strategic insights from consumer behaviour
While consumer behaviour is complex, it is far from incomprehensible. By analysing visitor patterns, we can drive your business's success.

  • Understanding the past: We begin by collecting and analysing historical data, offering a comprehensive view of past performances. This analysis helps in recognizing trends, establishing benchmarks, and facilitating meaningful comparisons.

  • Navigating the present: Our real-time analytics cast a spotlight on current consumer behaviours and trends, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips. This enables quick adjustments to enhance operational performance.

  • Predicting the future: With our predictive modelling capabilities, we forecast upcoming trends, allowing for strategic planning and proactive decision-making. These forecasts help in optimising your location's potential, setting the stage for future successes.

Our KPIs cover a wide range, including conversion rate, capture rate, footfall count, adult/child & gender ratio, and more. Armed with these KPIs, you can optimise store performance and profitability by identifying peak hours, improving staff schedules, making informed product choices, and evaluating marketing effectiveness.

Discover our technology at Booth 6A47
Join us at booth 6A47 to see how our technology can transform your retail operations. Experience the power of precise footfall data and customer insights firsthand. Register for free now and get ready to explore innovative solutions that can unlock your location's full potential. We look forward to seeing you there!

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