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Assisted sales

Red Ant Stand: 6A88
  • Assisted sales
  • Assisted sales
Assisted sales Assisted sales

Our assisted sales apps bring all the benefits of online to the shop floor, so your store associates can confidently recommend products, access inventory, check out – and never miss a sale

  • Endless aisle of rich product information gives instant access to your full catalogue, including any style, size and colour combination
  • Order online in-store and check out seamlessly

  • Connect online and offline customer activity - seamlessly transfer customer profiles, baskets and wish lists from online to in-store

Powerful results

  • 400% increase in data capture
  • 150% increase in ATV
  • 30% conversion rate
  • 80% faster to place an order and 85% reduction in errors
  • ROI in just 6 months
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