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22 Mar 2024

Automated Pushout Theft Detection

iRetailCheck Stand: 6A58
  • Automated Pushout Theft Detection
  • Automated Pushout Theft Detection
Automated Pushout Theft Detection Automated Pushout Theft Detection

Pushout theft is today valued at €500-€1500 per incident.

Retail losses from thieves leaving through Store Entrances, Non-Payment Lanes, or other unauthorised Exits, with or without shopping carts, baskets or bags etc., are on the rise.

Push-Out Check protects your profits with cutting edge Visual AI that automates the detection of Pushout or Walk-Through theft in real time.

It delivers constant surveillance that never gets distracted, providing permanent control and automated event recording for posterior prosecution.


  • Automates Pushout detection
  • Real Time Alert to staff for swift corrective action
  • Improves staff productivity, no need for permanent manual surveillance
  • Frees staff for other more customer centric tasks.
  • Adaptable alarm connectivity depending on client needs
  • Connects to fixed alarms and/or mobile devices
  • Stand-alone Visual AI solution needs no IT integration
  • Flexible detection can detect or ignore multiple profiles
  • Over a billion carts analysed in stores
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Scale

Let's talk about your needs and what we can do to improve your profitability.

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