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25 Feb 2022


Innovative Technology Stand: 6A50
  • CashGenic
  • CashGenic
  • CashGenic
CashGenic CashGenic CashGenic

The CashGenic automated cash system is an effective way of keeping your staff and customers safe with a single, easy-to-use solution.

Utilising leading automated cash management technology, CashGenic eliminates the need for staff to handle cash whilst ensuring transactions can be completed in a safe, socially distanced way. A transaction total is entered on the touchscreen provided, and customers pay their cash directly into CashGenic’s intelligent note and coin recyclers. This automated cash dispenser, ensures the correct change is quickly issued to customers and generates significant staff time savings by reducing the need to count and reconcile cash.

CashGenic creates an automated cash register and works much like a self-service payment kiosk with payments managed by staff via a mobile tablet. With a small footprint and easy integration, it can be added to your pre-existing cash drawer and is ideal for retail and hospitality venues. The CashGenic cash automation technology can be implemented into a countertop system, sales desks, bar front; wherever cash is taken. All payments made with CashGenic are completely secure, reducing the need for cash refills and eliminating shrinkage and accounting errors.

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