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Red Ant Stand: 6A88
  • Clienteling
  • Clienteling
Clienteling Clienteling

Red Ant’s clienteling solution provides everything store associates need to manage their customer relationships in a single, integrated app. Built using our retail platform RetailOS and integrated directly with both business data and lifestyle content, it provides a complete, one-to-one connection between customers and store associates, to deliver the next level of personalised service and increase sales.

  • In-depth customer insight (information, profiles, wishlists etc) with a focus on data completeness
  • Share products and inspiration with seamless content integration
  • Personalised communications via the customer's preferred method - email, WhatsApp, SMS and more
  • Notification centre for reminders, engagement alerts, next best action and messages
  • Secure, auditable and permanent contact history
  • Seamless checkout and flexible payment options for in-store, online and complete-at-home purchases

Powerful results

  • 30,000 customer facing hours released
  • 37% increase in AOV
  • 80% faster to place an order and 85% reduction in errors
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