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05 Apr 2024

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Opticon Stand: 5E10
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The OPN-6000 our newest COMPANION SCANNER.

The OPN-6000 is a very compact battery powered data collector with a built-in Opticon 2D barcode scanner.

Due to its compact size and its Bluetooth 5.4 (BLE) and USB capabilities, the OPN-6000 is the ideal companion scanner for mobile devices like the iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets. Configure and collect barcode data on Mobile devices using the OptiConnect-app or use its batch functionality to configure and retrieve data by using USB on your PC or laptop.

It is so small that it easily fits into your pocket. Due to its extremely low power usage the battery life is unprecedented and its wired and wireless charging support makes it easy to recharge.

The key features of the OPN-6000 are the following:

  • High-end aluminium design
  • Configurable and programmable 
  • High-speed scanning 
  • Accurate battery monitoring 
  • Green LED aiming and Warm-White LED Illumination 
  • Designed from the start as a durable and user-friendly device 
  • Wireless charging 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 
  • OptiConnect mobile application:
  • USB-C
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