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Commerce, Unified: A retailer’s guide to delivering agile, flexible and profitable experiences with Unified Commerce

Aptos Stand: 5C25

Retail is in the midst of rapid change. A global pandemic, combined with shifting consumer preferences, has dramatically altered what customers expect from the retail experience. Chief among these new expectations is flexibility. Shoppers want retailers to offer experiences that meet their expectations of the moment, whether that’s exchanging an online purchase in the store, picking up an eCommerce order at the curb or checking out on a mobile device while at an event.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why Unified Commerce is the key to creating connected and adaptable in-store experiences
  • How Unified Commerce platforms overcome the backend issues that limit agility and lead to better experiences for both consumers and businesses
  • The six benefits of adopting Unified Commerce in your business and operations

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