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Demand Forecasting

Retail Express Stand: 5G20

Understanding the varying demand patterns caused by price, promotional and advertising effects is where the Retail Express forecasting platform excels and is crucial to accurately forecasting future demand. Our solution tracks changes in demand from regular prices, promotions, ads, displays etc. and can accurately forecast the effects of those changes.

The RE 2.0 solution also carries out the initial recording of all these demand drivers setting us apart from the rest of the market. While other technologies can take feeds of information that is near impossible to manually track, we have systematised the whole process. Forecasts are provided in real-time to support the promotion and pricing analysis, optimisation and forecasting for all stakeholders and can be used to support or enhance existing systems.

Game Changers: See the effects of different prices and promotions on specific items and the cross effects on the category as a whole at the planning stage. Forecast all current and planned customer touch points (price, promotion, ad, display, web, flyer, etc.) at the desktop in real-time delivering the most accurate possible forecast of demand.

RE 2.0 provides the operational aspects of managing, recording and delivering advertising, marketing, pricing, promotions, and assortment and forecasts for merchandising and the wider supply chain in a single unified product.

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