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Empower Store Associates

Sitoo Stand: 6E10
  • Empower Store Associates
  • Empower Store Associates
  • Empower Store Associates
Empower Store Associates Empower Store Associates Empower Store Associates

Assisted Selling

Empower store associates with real-time product, inventory, customer and order information. Help them provide a better service, turn returns into exchanges, use the power of upselling algorithms and give them the ability to sell or reserve products from any store or distribution center.

Endless Aisle

With access to all stocks, associates can display the entire product catalog and sell products available in other stores or online, boosting the customer experience and maximizing opportunities for sales.

Enhanced Product Information

Enable your store associates to be as informed as your customers. Boost trust and loyalty by providing customers with enhanced product information and availability online or in other stores.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

With recommendation algorithms, access to customer order history and to all available stock, store associates can help drive sales, turn returns into exchanges and exchanges into upsells.


The 360° customer profile is an intuitive part of your POS. Thanks to trackable cross channel statuses, associates can access personalized offers and omnichannel customer order history.

Nearby Stores

Geolocation is used to identify and visualize nearby stores, helping store associates to provide great customer service. Other stores’ stock can be accessible or just visible.

Contactless & Digital Receipts

Empower your store associates with contactless payment methods and digital receipts. Together with mobile devices you can quickly adapt to different needs like social distancing, pop-ups or event shops.

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