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14 Mar 2023

ERP Retail

Sci-Net Business Solutions Stand: 6B78
  • ERP Retail
  • ERP Retail
  • ERP Retail
ERP Retail ERP Retail ERP Retail

What is ERP Retail?

ERP>Retail is a specifically designed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for the retail industry. Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD), it is a solution built within the world-leading mid-market ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

To make ERP>Retail even more unique and robust, Sci-Net has specifically chosen to focus on specific industry types including Big Ticket, Omni-Channel & Internet Retailers as well as Luxury Retail, Flooring, Furniture, Specialist Retail and Fashion. This gives us the freedom and capability to enhance our solution around each customer individual needs. 

For efficient and streamlined retail operations

Retail businesses often find managing several business functions can be time–consuming and challenging. Areas such as customer service, warehouses, forecasting stock, and inventory must all be controlled and supervised.

ERP Retail does all of the above and replaces the need for multiple software programs to deliver different functions within your business and acts as a single point of contact for all functions saving you valuable time and resources.

How ERP>Retail can help your retail business.

There is no doubt that the retail industry has changed dramatically over the last few years with modern-day shoppers now expecting to be able to purchase items through various channels quickly, easily and 24/7.

In this ever-changing world, customer service is more important than ever, even on the traditional shop floor staff need to be able to answer customer queries such as stock levels and order updates accurately and quickly – in short shoppers have become impatient!

ERP>Retail is a specifically designed ERP system for the retail industry which can help retailers keep up with the demands of the modern-day shopper. This scalable and flexible solution can be tailored to meet specific retail business or industry needs.  

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