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Fulfilling the modern retail customer experience: How to successfully connect customers to products in the current retail climate with Merchandising, OMS and POS integration

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Customer experiences have never been so hard to achieve. 

The ever-expanding variables between customers and products are making once straightforward shopper journeys more complex and less predictable. Today, every shopper defines their own conditions, and it is on the retailer to meet every condition to earn every sale.

To fulfil modern experiences — and craft a holistic brand out of an infinite variety of possible shopper interactions —  retailers must implement a stack of modern, integrated Merchandising, Order Management (OMS) and Point of Sale (POS) technologies. 

And doing so doesn’t just realign the relationship between customers and products. It also unlocks a wealth of benefits across your business processes, sales channels and bottom line.

Our latest eBook, Fulfilling the modern retail customer experience, will show you how. In it, you'll learn:

  • How integrating Merchandising, OMS and POS can serve both the best interest of the individual shopper and the retail enterprise, while reducing complexity
  • Why real-time, perpetual inventory management gives Merchandising teams the clarity and flexibility they need to compete in a chaotic market environment
  • The essential role of OMS in fulfilling the relationship between customers and products — and why one built for Unified Commerce is a must to serve future fulfilment methods
  • Why, whether customer journeys span across channels, between touch points within a channel, or even countries and languages, modern POS can deliver a unified experience
  • How each solution supports modern retail experiences for both shoppers and retailers at the individual and integrated level

Click to learn how to successfully connect customers to products in the current retail climate with Merchandising, OMS and POS integration.

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