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26 Jan 2023


SOLUM Stand: 6C18
  • Gateways
  • Gateways
Gateways Gateways

Gateways are paramount in making the entire Newton system work. Available in a standard Gateway and as a USB device, the Gateways act as the access point that sends data from your server to the ESLs. From prices, product information, to images and inventory updates – our Gateways ensure a lightning-speed data transmission regardless of your business environment. The standard Newton Gateway is equipped with a digital numbering system so you can quickly identify them across your premises. It has a coverage of up to 30 feet in radius. It can support up to 50,000 labels, making it the most cost-efficient ESL gateway in the market. If you have an existing gateway, you can opt for SOLUM USB Gateway, which offers additional capacity, memory, and range for your growing business. With Newton Gateway and Newton USB Gateway, you can take advantage of SOLUM electronic shelf labels to the fullest. Made by SOLUM, exclusively for you. Experience faster operations, take control of your labels with Newton Gateways.

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