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LiveDrawer - Counts cash in real-time

Tellermate Stand: 5B25
  • LiveDrawer - Counts cash in real-time
  • LiveDrawer - Counts cash in real-time
LiveDrawer - Counts cash in real-time LiveDrawer - Counts cash in real-time

The intelligent cash drawer builds Tellermate count-by-weight technology into the drawer itself, giving you full visibility of exactly how much money is in the drawer at any one time. With its ability to highlight discrepancies between the drawer and the POS, LiveDrawer virtually eliminates loss and gives you a full audit trail of your cash. Plus, the clever counting technology eliminates the need for money counting at the checkout and at cashing-up time; improving efficiency and reducing the stress on cashiers.

LiveDrawer helps you automate your cash processes and reduce the labour costs associated with counting money. With real-time transaction-to-transaction insight, LiveDrawer keeps a running total of the cash in your drawer. So managers and corporate offices know the exact amount of cash in a drawer at any given time, reducing shrink and any unnecessary costs from the process.

POS Integration & Smart Safe

The intelligent cash drawer is able to integrate with your EPOS and back office system enabling your business to receive all the benefits of real-time cash counting. LiveDrawer can also be integrated with other security solutions such as smart safes and CCTV via a flexible API to extend the benefits of the solution to your business.

Deploying Tellermate LiveDrawer together with a safe at the point of sale offers the opportunity to further reduce labour costs, improve cash security and provide better visibility of cash across the entire estate. The combination of a smart safe and LiveDrawer provides a complete end-to-end cash management solution.

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