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LiveSafe - intelligent Smart Safe

Tellermate Stand: 5B25
  • LiveSafe - intelligent Smart Safe
  • LiveSafe - intelligent Smart Safe
  • LiveSafe - intelligent Smart Safe
LiveSafe - intelligent Smart Safe LiveSafe - intelligent Smart Safe LiveSafe - intelligent Smart Safe

Smart safes are great for keeping your cash secure, but as a standalone solution they often can’t fulfil the complex cash management challenges faced by retailers.

By pairing a smart safe such as LiveSafe, with our Touch cash counter or LiveDrawer you can create an extremely robust and cost effective solution, especially compared to larger and more expensive solutions.

Our LiveSafe intelligent compact smart safe comes into its own when paired with the Tellermate Touch.

  • Your Touch device can be used as the interface for your network of LiveSafes which enables you to count cash-drawers and LiveSafe contents seamlessly and efficiently, all while maximising security throughout your business. This means that less time is spent counting cash, and less people handle the cash, keeping your stores efficient and clean.
  • This solution, which is unique to Tellermate, also grants access to our cloud-based Touch Viewer software which gives instant visibility of cash flowing through your stores.
  • To further increase the benefits of this cash management solution, the software can be integrated with a variety of other ERP software, including Zonal, IBM and more.

LiveSafe and LiveDrawer Solution

  • The combination of transaction-by-transaction reconciliation which is offered by LiveDrawer, pairs perfectly with the increased security of LiveSafe. This creates an end-to-end cash management solution which is cost-effective, maximises security and increases productivity.
  • Thanks to this cash management solution you always know how much cash is running through your stores and can enable more accurate financial reporting. It also drastically reduces contact with cash, further protecting your employees and improving hygiene within your stores.
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