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MARK Basic

ProGlove Stand: 6B48

The new ProGlove MARK Basic Wearable Scanner introduces a paradigm shift in barcode scanning, offering an unparalleled combination of multi-range scanning capability, increased durability, and extended battery life. This innovation revolutionizes the way workers in manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, and retail industries approach daily scanning operations, resulting in faster, more accurate, and efficient workflows.

MARK Basic addresses the critical need for a versatile and reliable scanning solution in Retail and Grocery environments. The MARK Basic Wearable Scanner's adaptability to variable scan distances, seamless connectivity across multiple platforms, and the provision of hands-free operation ensures heightened productivity, reduced errors, and increased safety on the shop floor. Whether employed in Receiving, Palletizing or Picking Checkout processes, the MARK Basic is a transformative tool that enhances overall operational efficiency and contributes to the success of various industries.

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