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06 Feb 2024

Metro Foundation

Retail Manager Solutions Stand: 6G50
  • Metro Foundation
  • Metro Foundation
  • Metro Foundation
Metro Foundation Metro Foundation Metro Foundation

Foundation manages your business hierarchy, location attributes, security and authentication, as well as facilitating the free movement of data in and out of the platform and seamlessly between other Metro modules. 

Should you add another module to your current Metro technology set, existing data is used to minimise configuration/setup time and accelerate the go-live of each module. The value of having ‘one version of the truth’ extends further than accuracy, agility and cost alone. For example, data held within the Employee Management module can be used to target communications or tasks based on the availability, skill sets, workload and capacity of an individual within a store.

Authentication - Users can authenticate using various methods ranging from straightforward usernames and passwords to the use of AD, ADFS, and LDAP. Single Sign-on tokens can also be used.

Hierarchy - The Hierarchy is used to set up the organisational relationships of your business. For example, Head Office – Regions – Areas – Departments – Roles – Locations – Users – Etc. 

Access Control - Each metro user is assigned a role (or multiple roles). This determines the user’s level within the metro hierarchy. Each role is set with security permissions that allow the user to see only the relevant functions available to their level and position.

Estate Attributes - Foundation allows businesses to create and hold site/estate attributes so that, in turn,  they can easily apply these within the Audience Picker to enable targeted communications and applications. 

Homepage Designer - The Home Page Designer enables you to create and personalise each homepage’s look, feel, and functionality across platforms and devices (i.e. HHT, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, and Browsers).

Audience Picker - Metro uses an Audience picker to select and target recipients to address content to the correct audience (based on location or user attributes). Audience levels are user-defined and configurable to ensure content or tasks do not go to users. 

Data Feeds - Data can be imported into metro using application programming interfaces (APIs) or more traditional methods such as CSV / Excel uploads, etc. Exports from the system are also handled in the same way.


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