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13 Feb 2024

Metro Time & Attendance

Retail Manager Solutions Stand: 6G50
  • Metro Time & Attendance
  • Metro Time & Attendance
  • Metro Time & Attendance
Metro Time & Attendance Metro Time & Attendance Metro Time & Attendance

Working hand in hand with the WFM toolset, the Metro Time & Attendance module provides an effective process to capture, manage, and report the hours staff have worked using calculating timesheets.

As a result, absences, overtime, ad hoc payments, and labour matching can be completed quickly, efficiently and accurately. 

Clocking In/Out - Metro’s T&A module supports various options for capturing clocking data, with choices including a soft clock, mobile app or printed checklists.

Clocking History - A full audit of all clocking data is available within Metro’s T&A module. Users can view it based on their permissions within the application. In addition, history can be filtered by date range, user and location as required.

Clocking Thresholds - Rules within Metro’s T&A module allow you to handle the majority of clockings automatically and manage by exception any that fall outside the threshold.

Location Management - All clocking’s are verified against a list of IP addresses or GPS locations (for the mobile app). Users can clock in at any pre-defined location and flag exceptions as appropriate.

Timesheets - Timesheets are initially created based on the published schedule. The timesheet dynamically identifies where clocking rules have been infringed.

Clocking Exceptions - Clockings that fall outside thresholds automatically create a discrepancy for management to review. Absences can also be logged directly into the timesheet.

Ad hoc Payments - Ad hoc payments can be added to the timesheet in either money or hours — for example, additional keyholder payments, bonuses, etc.

Timesheet Approval - A simple timesheet approval process records who approved the timesheets and when before passing the data to payroll for processing.

Payroll Extract - This function automates the timesheet data for processing by your preferred payroll application – all payroll systems are supported.

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