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25 Jan 2023

Newton TOUCH

SOLUM Stand: 6C18
  • Newton TOUCH
  • Newton TOUCH
Newton TOUCH Newton TOUCH

Businesses across industries must evolve the way they interact to reflect the expectation of the 21st-century customer. Ordinary placards and stickers limited to static text and images are no longer ideal in today’s competitive environment. SOLUM introduces Newton TOUCH – a full LCD signage that offers a more vibrant and immersive way to promote your business. Tap it, swipe it, scan it – Newton TOUCH enables customers to interact directly with your product and services. Simultaneously, your business can benefit from enhanced in-store campaigns, additional profits from ad space, and real-time data from customers. With Newton TOUCH, you can take your customer experience to the next level and achieve better outcomes for your business. Future-proof your business, transform your operations with Newton TOUCH.

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