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Order Management System

OneStock Stand: 6A30

Order Management Systems (OMS): Unify stock, optimize orders, enhance customer experience. OneStock - proven, customer-centric choice.

OMS streamlines customer orders across channels. It unifies stock data and optimizes order orchestration. Key components:

  1. Stock Unification: Creates a single stock view across all channels, reducing unavailability and boosting satisfaction.

  2. Order Orchestration: Maximizes order efficiency, turnover, and digital service benefits (Ship from Store, Order in Store, Click & Collect etc.).

OMS covers the entire order journey:

  • Stock Consolidation

  • Customer Order Handling

  • Order Orchestration

  • Payment & Confirmation

  • Dispatch & Returns Management

Unlock digital solutions with OMS:

  • Combat unavailability: Order in Store, Ship from Store, Future Stock.

  • Enhance online journeys: Click & Collect, Delivery Promise, Returns Management.

  • Elevate in-store experiences: Mobile POS, Order in Store, In-Store Returns.

  • Optimize logistics: Scalable Store Fulfillment.

Relevant for B2B and industry, OMS enhances stock management, connects with 3PLs, and more.

Benefits of OMS:

  • Faster stock clearance

  • Increased sales & margins

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Avg. 25% web sales increase

  • ROI in just 4 months.

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