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27 Mar 2024

IT Procurement

Vista Technology Support Stand: Sponsor of The View

Vista Technology Support works with over 120 different retail, hospitality and healthcare brands to provide a range of IT sourcing and financing solutions designed to meet their technology strategy requirements and budgets. Vista’s IT procurement team will either work with customers on a case-by-case basis to source and procure their individual retail IT requirements or where customers choose Vista’s IT Procurement as a Service (PaaS) model, Vista manages all of the customers’ IT purchase requirements on their behalf.

Vista’s IT Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare IT is constantly evolving and as a result businesses are continually looking to select the best technology for their businesses.
Vista Technology Support assists their customers in achieving their IT strategy goals by providing:

  • Expert advice on the best technology for their trading environment
  • Forecasts and reports on technology requirements to meet new store or restaurant opening plans
  • Sourcing a wide range of technology from sustainable sources
  • Negotiation with suppliers to achieve the best price and payment terms
  • Procurement and secure storage for IT assets on behalf of the customer
  • Finance for customer IT investments
  • Stock reporting, usage and demand and lead times on new orders

Vista’s IT PaaS provides their customer IT teams with assurances that new technology required for estate wide refresh projects, upgrades, new store or restaurant openings is always available to meet their IT deployment plans.

Vista’s IT PaaS Manager works directly with their customers as an extension of their own IT and Procurement teams to ensure that they have complete visibility of all stock, purchases and invoicing.

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