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SafePay RC3000

Sesami Stand: 6C80

The R3000 note recycler provides the highest note volume capacity and throughput in our portfolio. With a volume capacity of over 14,000 notes and note processing speed of 10 notes per second, the R3000 offers the highest degree of scalability and speed needed for very high volume cash organizations. The R3000 offers 5 recycling modules, and comes equipped with one cash inlet and two cash outlets, enabling managers to prepare tills more efficiently and expediently. When paired with a Tidel coin recycler, the R3000 is an ideal solution for back-office cash rooms that handle extremely high volumes of cash and coin on a daily basis. The R3000 provides the speed, accuracy and accountability needed to minimize store float, reduce the frequency of CIT pickups, and provide the level of accuracy and transparency needed to process cash at scale.

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