Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

Scanbot Stand: 6H40

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK is an easy-to-use, fast, and reliable solution for all your barcode scanning needs. Thanks to our developer-oriented solution and support, you can integrate the Scanbot SDK into your mobile or web apps within just 1 week. 

The Scanbot SDK comes with...

  • ... 0.2 seconds barcode detection speed, that will "WOW" your users. 
  • ... a fixed pricing model, which eliminates any variable costs and gives you absolute planning security.
  • ... three different scanning modes, that enable you to perform single scanning, consecutive scanning, and simultaneous scanning of barcodes.

Capabilities at a glance: 

The Scanbot SDK enables your users to scan barcodes in all conditions: 

  • Low background contrast
  • Any angle
  • Tiny barcodes
  • Poor lighting
  • Corrupted and blurred barcodes
  • Possibility to scan from distances >1 m


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