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Secure CRM

Teamwork Commerce Stand: 6H48
  • Secure CRM
  • Secure CRM
Secure CRM Secure CRM

Imagine one place for EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL


Teamwork extracted the traditional customer module in point-of-sale and on the web into a Customer Relationship Management Service (CRM service) that operates in the cloud, serving all channels.

We coined the concept of the Universal Customer, where a customer’s profile can be instantly accessed through any channel of the retailer’s business. Why not have a central database where all customer data is managed, including profile information, transaction history and rewards program? Our CRM is packed with features:

  • Universal customer access in real-time with customer profile available across all channels
  • Complete visibility into customer profile including entire purchase history and any open orders
  • Increase revenues & loyalty through marketing and transactional email campaigns
  • Keep track of communications with the customer and even track “to-do” lists
  • Recognize & engage with a valued customer regardless of which channel they contact you on

Imagine when a sale is done online, you can see it in the store. When a sale is done in the store, it is visible online. There is no duplication of the customer record. Gift cards, coupons and rewards can be used across all channels. A customer can buy something online and return it in-store, putting the money right back on the credit card they used online without requiring the card on-hand.

Our CRM services come standard with Teamwork, as customers are the single most important aspect to a retailer’s success.

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