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Ship from Store

OneStock Stand: 6A30

Introducing Ship From Store: Prevent stock-outs, boost online revenue by using stores as hubs. No specialized tools needed, just an Order Management System for unified stock. Empower store associates, delight customers.

Ship From Store (SFS) is your omnichannel solution to prevent online stock-outs and boost revenue. Harness your retail network by using stores as shipping hubs for online orders.

No need for specialized tools; all you need is an Order Management System for unified stock visibility across warehouses, stores, and franchises, streamlining shipping.

SFS unifies your stock, making it available across all sales channels. Our orchestration engine optimizes stock allocation, ensuring efficient order fulfillment, even from stores.

Example orchestration rule: Prioritize stores with all items, within 30km, and low product turnover for eco-friendly, cost-effective delivery.

Minimal in-store equipment: packaging materials and basic IT tools like Wi-Fi, a device, a till, and a barcode reader.

Empower store associates with the Store Associate App for claiming, managing, and preparing online orders, motivating them to reach sales goals.

Retailers benefit from a 25% average increase in online revenue, consistent in-store activity, and motivated associates.
Customers enjoy increased product availability, shorter delivery times, and reduced carbon footprint. Ship From Store – enhancing your retail experience.


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