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15 Mar 2024

SpacePole TabPOS

Ergonomic Solutions Stand: 6E20

The combination of your staff and the right technology is proven to be a key element in delivering a great customer experience. Our comprehensive range of TabPOS tablet enclosures and mounts enable you to do just that, whether at the point of sale, point of payment or any self-service application.

TabPOS X-Frame™

Our ever-popular X-Frame is a simple slim tablet solution that keeps the essential buzz of using a tablet whilst offering a secure solution.

TabPOS Dock & Charge™ and TabPOS Dock & Charge Pro

The Dock & Charge Pro™ and the patented Dock & Charge™ product line is a combined tablet enclosure and stand that maximises the use of your tablet.

TabPOS TabPrint™

TabPrint enables an integrated fixed Tablet POS solution. With a stylish design, the mount has a small footprint that neatly incorporates a printer and tablet enclosure. 

TabPOS TabPrint Curve™

TabPrint Curve is a simple, cost-effective, all-in-one TabletPOS mounting solution compatible with our range of TabPOS frames, and a range of printers from the leading manufacturers, designed with in-built modularity to add payment devices, customer displays or a second screen.


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