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Touch - IOT touchscreen cash counter

Tellermate Stand: 5B25
  • Touch - IOT touchscreen cash counter
  • Touch - IOT touchscreen cash counter
Touch - IOT touchscreen cash counter Touch - IOT touchscreen cash counter

The Tellermate Touch builds on the strong foundation laid by our T-iX range of money counters. The Touch advances this technology to make it a more versatile, technologically advanced device that performs a vast range of functions, in addition to counting cash.

The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easier to enter balances, reference numbers and media items, so you can reconcile your cash drawer in under one minute.

The Tellermate Touch has a versatile range of connectivity features. You can print using USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi You can also use these connectivity features to interface with other peripherals and software.

The ability to integrate with other software means that you can have instant visibility of money moving through you stores. This allows you to optimise cash orders, banking prep and other cash management activities.

Touch can be complemented with our compact smart safe to improve security and give more accountability. You can use several LiveSafes together with our touch cash counter.

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