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Glory Global Stand: 5D35

Your business faces increasing pressure, whether from shifting market conditions, increased competition, evolving regulation, or changes affecting consumer behaviour.  Your response is to continually look for ways to strengthen your operation in the face of such unpredictability and your investment in Glory solutions is a solid foundation to be prepared for such change.

Cash remains the cheapest form of payment for retailers to process, as long as that process is managed efficiently using the latest technology.  Glory’s UBIQULARTM Digital Services provides insight into your cash operation in and beyond the store, ultimately to the point of bank credit.

Augmenting our store technology solutions, potential realised benefits include accelerated credit of cash (subject to specific agreements), insight and/or optimisation of your cash logistics contract and costs, reduction in store operations costs, improved safety of store staff, and reduction in cash losses due to improved loss prevention.

Performance of your cash operation is monitored and reported to you on a regular basis, with as much or as little involvement as makes sense to your operation.  Our services are ready to be adapted to your specific way of working, while bringing our advice and experience on both global, in-country and regulatory best practice.  Our scope of services and solutions is presented through a flexible menu of options that can be tailored to your specific operational and commercial needs.

Improve the operational efficiency of your stores with UBIQULAR. From remote device management and monitoring, data analysis tools to drive informed decision making, through to a complete managed service, where Glory handles your cash management operation; every step of the way.

Glory’s UBIQULAR platform allows retailers to focus on their core business activities and relieves them of cash related labour, leaving time to concentrate on the primary task of serving customers, rather than back-office administration.

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