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Unify all your stores and online sales channels in real time

Sitoo Stand: 6E10

Cloud-native POS and Unified Commerce Platform

Today, shoppers expect a unified in-store and online experience. The cloud-native Sitoo Platform with its Retail POS, makes omnichannel a given and turns Unified Commerce into reality. With real-time data across all sales channels, retailers can sell and fulfill everything anywhere and handle returns everywhere.

Unify Sales Channels in Real Time

With real-time access to the same product, stock, order and customer information everywhere, all stores and online sales channels are unified, increasing sales by 30%.

Streamline Inventory Management

Make it simple to view and access all inventory in real-time and manage orders in a cost efficient way. Use less capital by maximizing inventory availability and minimizing excess inventory.

Empower Store Associates

Turn the Point of Sale into a mobile Point of Service, with contactless payments, Endless Aisle, Omnichannel Fulfillment, enhanced product data, Service Orders and Offline Mode.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Provide customer convenience across stock, purchase, payment, delivery and return. Personalize the experience with Clienteling through seamless integration to loyalty solutions.




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