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23 Feb 2024

How Iziwork saved +210k€ on SaaS with Welii

Welii Stand: 5D88

Thanks to the Welii platform, Iziwork was able to identify all the SaaS used within the company and quickly cut out unnecessary duplication. Our IT buyers then supported Iziwork's teams in renegotiating 5 key tools. We helped them achieve a 500% ROI in just a few months. In addition to these significant savings, the functionality of the tools was renegotiated with the vendors, to ensure that the contracts truly corresponded to the needs of Iziwork's employees. Thanks to these actions, users are more efficient and expenses are reduced! By entrusting negotiations to Welii, Iziwork's CTO gains peace of mind in the knowledge that negotiations are being pushed to the highest level, and can now concentrate on missions where he has the greatest impact!

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