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Poindus Company Introduction

Poindus Systems Stand: 6A10

Poindus was established in 2009. The name comes from combining both "Point of Sale" and "Industrial" together. From the naming of "Poindus" we hope everyone can understand we focus specifically on POS and Industrial Computing products. We began the design process in 2009. After a few months of quality assurance testing, we launched the product at CeBIT in Germany in 2010. In the past, the touch screen was difficult to use for businesses. No suppliers could provide us the materials that met our technical requirements at the time. We invested our efforts in innovation. I have created design projects before, so I believe that for a new company to succeed it must have something unique. Our company created die-cast machines. They are entirely metal-based. We would rather spend more on manufacturing meeting the requirements of retail & hospitality businesses that demand the best. We are not aiming for rough, tough, and cheap. Our products are also durable, but durability doesn't mean it has to be ugly. Since its beginning, Poindus development strategy can be divided into three phases. The first phase is through product differentiation. At the time we were the only flat screen POS machine in the world. The second phase is through localization. We operate locally by establishing subsidiaries or acquiring distribution channels. The third phase is vertical integration, we hope to have deeper cooperation with local System Integrators and Software Vendors. Our main market is in Europe, it makes up 70% of our exports. The last few years aside from creating new products, we’ve also adjusted our business strategy. We believe that we should enter the mainstream market, the "Value Market" rather than the "Price Market". Through this strategic alignment, we have the chance to market our products' unique benefits to first-rate franchise restaurants and retail businesses by delivering value we win the trust to deploy our products globally and bring Poindus into the limelight. The future direction of our products goes with our business strategy. When we start operating in the local market and have a deeper understanding of different industries, we hope to offer them a reasonable and reliable platform. What do they need to solve their problems, that's the kind of product Poindus will have to make.

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