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How Rally House sees instant ROI with Sitoo POS

Sitoo Stand: 6E10

In April 2023, American sports chain Rally House became the first major native USA customer to sign a partnership with Sitoo – and by August 2023 they had already implemented and rolled out the Sitoo Point of Sale and the underlying Unified Commerce Platform in around 200 stores across 18 states.

Rally House prides itself in being the ‘go to’ store for localized sporting goods with an immense range of products and assortments representing local NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NFL and MLS teams. Their mission is to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible while maintaining exceptional service from the moment someone steps into their stores – and they’re investing in market-leading retail tech to make this happen

Aaron Liebert, Rally House CEO, explains: “We had a legacy POS system in place that wasn’t omnichannel and wasn’t integrated with our website or with our other stores. It was a simple and slow POS.”

“After a lot of research, we found Sitoo not only had all of the features – and more – that we needed but it was also great value – specifically in terms of rollout and implementation. Most of the POS solutions we looked at were not out-of-the-box and the implementation fee was more than the subscription fee. We don’t have a team of 25 developers to work on a million dollar implementation over two years. We needed something quick, seamless, and hassle free.”

Alongside a fast, smooth implementation, Liebert says the feedback from the stores has been extremely positive.

“It’s a great product and our store associates love it - which is a big part why we wanted to get it to them quickly. It became clear early on that Sitoo has been built from the ground up to be quick and to serve a very specific purpose rather than being a solution that’s 20 years old that a vendor is attempting to make more modern.

“Another fantastic feature is Sitoo works offline so, if you have internet or power disruption, it continues to work. We’ve had a lot of storms this year and a store lost power for the whole weekend but we were still able to take sales because we had Sitoo.

“It brings all the features of our website to the POS which we didn’t have before. Previously, if we didn’t have an item in stock we’d help the customer find it through their phone but we can now do all of this for them through Sitoo. The customer can buy from any store and have them shipped anywhere they want. Our customer capture rate with Sitoo is more than double what it was with our old POS and getting more people to sign up for our marketing emails is a huge deal.

“The final thing I’d say is the people at Sitoo are great to work with. I was really impressed that they had answers to all our questions when we were going through our RFP. They know exactly what they are talking about and they understand retail.”

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