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22 Mar 2024

SCO Zone: Automated Scan Avoidance Detection

iRetailCheck Stand: 6A58

SCO-Check is specifically designed to detect multiple forms of Scan Avoidance at self-checkouts without the need for ePOS integration.

Automatic SCO-Check Non-Scan detection includes:

  • Items left on shelf or in cart/basket
  • Item Barcode blocking
  • Multi-item blocking
  • Item Pass-Arounds

SCO-Check monitors correct item scanning at and around self-checkouts, including items in shopping carts, baskets or on transport belts, as well as Walk-Away detection.

Hot list Product ID is performed using automatic Product Classification & Identification.

Walk-Throughs and / or Pushout theft can also be detected in the SCO Zone when visitors fail to stop and pay at a self-checkout terminal.

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