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Sitoo - Nudie Jeans - Customer Case

Sitoo Stand: 6E10

Where others follow, Nudie Jeans leads. Since 2001, they’ve been driven by the mission to make the best product possible, and to do it in a way which means they can sleep soundly at night knowing they’ve achieved some small good in the world.

The pillars of good people, good product, and a good way of doing business are what underpin Nudie Jeans. It’s why they’re pioneers of sustainability in retail. From the relationship they have with their suppliers through to their Repair Shops and ethos of repurposing all pairs of jeans, sustainability flows through every inch of their DNA.

We caught up with Matthew Stone, Retail Regional Manager Sweden for Nudie Jeans, to find out more about the Nudie Jeans story, why sustainability is so important for the industry, and to get his take on what the future of retail holds. Originally from Colorado in the US, Matthew has worked for Nudie jeans since 2015, starting as a sales coordinator before moving up to store and then regional management. We met Matthew at one of the Nudie Jeans Repair Shops in the center of Stockholm and here’s what he told us...

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