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TouchFree ID UKG InTouch DX Timeclock

UKG Stand: 6H70

At UKG, we don’t just say that our purpose is people. We actually build our technology around them. That’s why we took our UKG InTouch DXTM timeclock to the next level by adding even more modern, people-focused features that fit the way you work today. UKG TouchFree IDTM face biometrics is now available as an option integrated with the InTouch DX timeclock.

TouchFree ID provides a secure, touchless option for people to interact with the DX. In one mode, TouchFree ID can be set to quickly enable people to punch in and out for their shifts or breaks without ever touching the DX.

Developed with dual visible and infrared light cameras, TouchFree ID is designed to provide an inclusive experience for all people, regardless of skin complexion, height, whether they use glasses, have facial hair, or work in very dark or brightly lit environments. For people who struggle with fine motor coordination, entering an ID number or registering a finger scan is replaced with a simple glance at the camera. Reducing the amount a person touches a shared surface also helps to create healthier workplaces.


TouchFree ID was created with employee privacy and security at the forefront1. During enrollment, the InTouch DX prompts employees to consent to their use of TouchFree ID. UKG leverages proprietary software that captures a unique numerical template for each user’s face which cannot be used to reproduce an actual image.

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