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Realise the 'Power of Local'

Faced with increasing choices and channels, your customers expect better in-store experiences. They want the experience to be timely, relevant, satisfying and even delightful. So, who is best placed to delight your customers than those who deliver these experiences every day?

For the last ten years, the Critizr platform has been used in 25 countries by more than 120 of Europe's most prominent companies across 20 different sectors, including Grocery, Banking, Travel, Entertainment and Hospitality. Our platform transforms how businesses listen to and understand their customers, empowering over 60,000 professionals to ensure that every customer interaction counts.

Are you interested in hearing how we've helped clients including Carrefour, Domino's, Galeries Lafayette, Blue Diamond and Monoprix to delight their customers? Connect with us today via the website (or feel free to speak to us in the Speaker and Press lounge).


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