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Stand: 6C58
  • | Click & Collect Solutions
  • | Clienteling
  • | Gift Card Solutions
  • | Omnichannel Payments
  • | POS Payments
  • | EPOS Solutions
  • | Inventory Management
  • | Self-Checkout
  • | Smart Labels/RFID Tags
  • | Store Back Office

Enactor is the most flexible architecture in retail.

It's a world-class, omnichannel  POS application suite that enables large retailers to deliver high level customer experiences.

Our powerful platform connects seamlessly with all customer-facing devices and channels, removing that age old conversation around 'Build VS Buy" store applications. 

We are the only Tier 1 MACH Alliance member to provide best of breed  POS solutions into stores for retailers who are seeking independence and power to innovate quickly and develop new applications and features to meet market and customer demands.



Enactor House
Enactor House
1 Bluecoats Avenue
Hertford, Hertfordshire
SG14 1PB
United Kingdom
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  • Enactor Estate Manager is the core central component of Enactor. A web application accessible through a browser, the Estate Manager offers a single location for the management and configuration of the ...
  • Enactor has a rich back end of Microservices which can act as the headless back-end of the major retailer’s digital landscape. It can provide both digital infrastructure of all channels but also a lot ...
  • The Enactor Toolkit is a graphical, flow driven architecture for building applications using diagrams. The use of low-code adds a rich and easily understandable layer of abstraction that allows you to ...
  • Enactor POS and Mobile POS go well beyond the meaning of “Point-of-Sale”. They include all of the standard functionality found in POS systems as well as host of new features and applications - such as ...


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    19 Apr 2022 Enactor Limited
    Enactor Toolkit
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    01 Mar 2022 Enactor Limited
    Enactor Discusses the MACH Alliance
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