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Stand: 6A58
  • | Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • | Analytics Software
  • | CCTV
  • | In-store Software
  • | Security Compliance
  • | Checkout Free/Just walk Out
  • | Checkout Peripherals
  • | EPOS Solutions
  • | Self-Checkout

iRetailCheck cuts Front End losses for Supermarket, DIY and Drugstore retailers using cutting edge Visual AI to:

Eliminate In-Cart Theft losses at Staffed Checkouts

Detect Scan Avoidance at Self-Checkout

Detect Pushout and Walk-Through theft at:

Staffed Checkouts

Store Entrances

Non-Payment Lanes

The SCO Zone

iRetailCheck cuts retail shrink by automating surveillance in sensitive Front End store areas, proactively assisting staff in their daily tasks by alerting them to customer errors that can remedied before payment at POS, or by delivering instant, real time, alerts of attempted theft.

iRetailCheck Visual AI solutions are uniquely stand alone, designed for ease of installation and use in individual stores or across entire estates, delivering chainwide visibility and data analytics that enable significant loss reduction and improved efficiency.


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  • SCO-Check: Automated Scan Avoidance detection using stand-alone Visual AI without ePOS integration.
  • Walk-Through Detection: Automatically detect visitors with or without carts, baskets, bags etc. that don't stop to pay at a self-checkout terminal.  
  • Automated Pushout Theft Detection

    22 Mar 2024 Phil Nutter
    Push-Out Check: Prevent Pushout theft at Store Entrances, Non-Payment Lanes, and other sensitive Exits using advanced Real Time Visual AI Detection.
  • Eliminate In-Cart Theft at Checkouts

    21 Mar 2023 Phil Nutter
    CaddyCheck automates cart control at checkout to ensure everything in the customer shopping trolley or basket is paid for.
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