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Stand: 6E10
  • | Checkout Free/Just walk Out
  • | Checkout Peripherals
  • | EPOS Solutions
  • | Inventory Management
  • | Kiosks
  • | Scanners/ Hand-Held Terminals
  • | Self-Checkout
  • | Smart Labels/RFID Tags
  • | Stocktaking
  • | RFID Tracking

MiTEQ enables businesses to efficiently manage and track their assets and inventory through the power of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology by providing customer-centric technology expertise and operational guidance. MiTEQ’s unique innovation process results in creating bespoke solutions that significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce losses through the tracking of assets and inventory across multiple industries. MiTEQ works with medium to large-scale enterprises, including global retail, pharmaceutical, warehouse and logistics companies, to help them manage the whereabouts of their mobile devices, workers and assets.

As a Zebra certified Asset Tracking & Location Specialist MiTEQ specialises in cutting-edge solutions that utilise RFID and other technologies to:

  • Implement best in class Self Checkout solutions to maximise customer experience and resource utilisation
  • Use fixed scanning to significantly reduce inventory count times and management from days to minutes
  • Prevent loss and theft
  • Manage stock through the supply chain to checkout
  • Improve and monitor asset lifecycles
  • Maximise RTI utilisation and availability
  • Implement fully managed services to maintain, repair or replace your technology estate - ensuring maximum uptime and resource utilisation


Unit 5 Lansdowne Court
Bumpers Farm
United Kingdom
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