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Nextail is a platform of end-to-end inventory management solutions that delivers customer-centric, data-driven decisions so that brands and retailers can sell more with less stock. By leveraging the power of AI and advanced algorithms, Nextail increases stock efficiency across all of a retailer’s channels through hyper-local demand forecasting and process automation. That way, they can automate the science of retail and dedicate more time to the art. 

Nextail takes an agile approach to merchandising, empowering brands and retailers to stay closer to the reality of demand so they can anticipate, rather than simply react when it changes. Customers typically see value delivered within weeks, with sales increasing between 5-10%, in-store stock coverage dropping by 30%, and stockouts lowering by 60%.

Making the retail world a better, more sustainable place. 

Nextail is currently working with over 30 international brands and retailers including Guess, Versace, River Island, Pepe Jeans, and Women's Secret.

Industry experts, analysts, and global organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Gartner, Business Insider, and Retail Week/World Retail Congress have recognized the Nextail approach to agile inventory management.


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  • The First Allocation leverages granular data and AI automation to determine the initial amount of product to allocate across channels in order to meet real-time and future demand.
  • The Replenishment solution applies granular, hyper-local data and AI automation to anticipate changes in demand in order to maximize the sales probability of each SKU.
  • With the Store Transfers solution, retailers can boost sales at the end of the product’s life cycle and consolidate broken sizes by moving overstock to stores with a higher probability of selling.
  • The Reorder solution enables retailers to reorder the correct product quantities instead of wasting time on manual and inaccurate processes that traditionally lead to lower margins and waste.
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  • Nextail integrates insights into the customer's systems so their tasks are ready for execution. Since the data is available on a centralized platform, all levels of the organization can stay informed.


  • The Original American Outdoor Company is doubling down on its commitment to offering a great customer experience through AI and advanced technology
  • The Spanish footwear chain and market leader has implemented AI to centralize and streamline inventory management across all channels
  • Leading fashion retailers increased data talent by over 40% in the last year Levi Strauss & Co. and Nike outperform other retailers in investments in data-related teams
  • Aristocrazy's Product Manager, Tendam's Data Analytics & Transformation Director, and a Retail Expert discuss how to leverage next-gen retail tech
  • The omnichannel retailer has deployed the Nextail platform to centralize decision-making and automate inventory management
  • Now in its third year, the Nextail report on fashion CEO turnover studies how new leadership choices are signalling an equilibrium after a period of extreme turbulence
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