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Stand: 6A38
  • | Cross-Border E-commerce
  • | Omnichannel Fulfilment
  • | Outsourcing/Offshoring
  • | Automation
  • | Delivery & Returns, inc. Final Mile
  • | 3PL
  • | Inventory & Order Management Systems
  • | Robotic Fulfilment
  • | Transport Management Systems
  • | Warehouse Management Systems
  • | Cross-Border E-commerce

Founded in 2013, OPLOG is an omnichannel fulfillment provider that provides SMEs and large enterprises with tech-enabled fulfillment. Our seamlessly integrated tech stack includes proprietary systems like our Warehouse Management System, Order Management System, and Transportation Management System. In a groundbreaking move, we also introduced TARQAN, our award-winning robot, making us the first fulfillment provider in the industry to develop its own robots.

As the go-to partner for B2B, B2C, D2C, and omnichannel brands, OPLOG enables brands to experience proper growth through:

-increased consumer loyalty and repeat purchases derived from our impeccable fulfillment services, and

-seamless market penetration via our global fulfillment network.

Trusted by over 150 companies around the world, we serve a variety of industries, including global leaders such as SONY, Rossmann, Herbalife, Atomy, and Tupperware.

For B2C and D2C brands, we offer a wide range of services covering everything from last-mile delivery to return management. For B2B and omnichannel brands, it gets even better as all services—including customs and duties operations, middle-mile and long-haul truck deliveries, and everything in between—are presented in a catalog that customers can pick and tailor to their requirements.


Leighton Buzzard
United Kingdom
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