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refive enables retailers to know every in-store customer, associate them with their purchases and collect first-part data via smart digital receipts.

Global omnichannel merchants use Refive’s AI-powered deep customer insights and recommendations to personalize the purchase experience and drive in-store retention.  All made possible via a frictionless, high conversion in-store experience without intrusive hardware, apps or sign-ups. 
Retail operations, marketing, CRM and e-commerce teams use refive to drive retention and revenue growth by better understanding and building relationships with every customer.

Join us at our stand to experience how we can help you:

  1. Connect every in-store purchase to a unique customer identity and understand their journey across channels
  2. Collect customer data and opt-ins from in-store customers to enrich your CRM 
  3. Develop deep insight into individual customer behaviour, needs and preferences
  4. Engage customers in-store and post-purchase to keep them coming back and more... order to increase basket sizes, customer value, and boost revenues by going from acquiring anonymous customers to retaining the most valuable ones. 

All while providing customers with a sustainable and engaging phygital experience - right at the POS! 


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  • Understand and quantify your customer's omnichannel journeys.
  • Measure and optimize the impact of online campaigns on in-store purchases.
  • Gather valuable marketing opt-ins and contact data from in-store customers via smart receipts. 
  • Collect deep insight into the behaviours, tastes and preferences of every in-store customer. Build your segments of one. 
  • refive Smart Receipt - the checkout page for your physical store.
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