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Stand: 6K34
  • | Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • | Loyalty Programmes
  • | Data Warehouse/Decision Support
  • | Price Tracking, Conversion Tools & Analytics
  • | Big Data Analytics & Insights
  • | Point of Purchase Tools
  • | Brand experience
  • | Digital Marketing
  • | Optimisation & Personalisation Technology
  • | Green/Sustainable Products/Solutions

refive is an end-to-end customer operating system that empowers retailers to know, engage and retain their in-store customers. Retailers such as Puma, vomFass, Shoepassion and many more use refive to:

  1. Identify in-store customers and capture zero-party purchase, personal, behavioural and interaction data anonymously and frictionlessly using thoughtful touchpoints

  2. Combine captured in-store and online data to create granular customer profiles and derive actionable AI-powered insights and predictions into customer behaviour that power marketing and operational decisions

  3. Engage digitally with customers in-store and post-purchase in a personalised way using a range of interactions from digital receipts through wallet passes, Whatsapp and more

We achieve this without the overheads of apps, loyalty programs or complex hardware. By finally having a 360-degree view of customers’ behaviour across channels, retailers have been able to increase customer retention, purchase frequency and basket sizes.


Angermünderstr. 12
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  • Enable frictionless data capture for both customers and store staff. Identify every in-store customer, connect them to their purchases and use the data in your existing systems. 
  • Finally understand your customers’ needs, tastes and preferences, based on purchase and interaction data across online and in-store customer journeys. AI-powered analytics deliver deep customer insigh ...
  • Use refive’s touchpoints & campaign tools to interact in new and powerful ways with your customers in the store and between visits.
  • More than a digital receipt – refive’s smart receipt is a powerful tool for customer engagement and retention. A new, frictionless way to interact digitally with your customers. 


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