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be Retail Social

Stand: DZ14
  • | Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • | Big Data Analytics & Insights
  • | Business Intelligence
  • | Social Commerce
  • | Brand Experience
  • | Optimisation & Personalisation Technology
  • | Forecasting
  • | Delivery & Returns, inc. Final Mile
  • | Green/Sustainable Products/Solutions
  • | Discovery Zone
be Retail Social

Established in 2021 be Retail Social offers a virtual fitting room and virtual try on platform for both clothing and beauty products that is unparalled in terms of its sophistication, ease of use and omni channel application.

be Retail Social is evolving the online and in-store shopping experience through interactive and dynamic personalized content, with real time social influence.

We empower social inclusivity and deliver more informed shopping decisions that re-humanize the experience to benefit customers and brands.

We deliver more people and more spend more often.


Hamm Court
KT13 8YA
United Kingdom
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  • Have access to more insights through be Retail Social's reporting lens, giving you far more infomrmed decisons.
  • A short video that covers many of the features and benefits of the modular be Retail Social platform.
  • For digital retailers - personalized marketing via your social channels, promoting your new range, abandoned baskets, lookalike purchases, upsell & sponsored items to both acquire & retain.
  • For digital retailers - personalized merchandizing, full inclusivity, modelled by them or anyone, all within your website with auto-updated PLP/PDPs, for fashion, sportwear & cosmetics.
  • Be in control of how you want to look, through skin tone, height, clothing sizes, age, hair and more, through creating a simple profile with consents or as a Lite user with a few simple clicks.
  • Increased consideration with intuitive gesture swipe, browse your entire range of product styles and colours, while personalized, add to basket with real-time product availability and descriptions.
  • Online real-time influence from friends, family or shopping consultants via social pltforms. Feedback helps improve decison making to improves net sales.
  • Omni-channel solution for retention. Customer receives notifications near a store, prompting re-consideration & store-visit - abandoned baskets, cross & up-sell opportunities, your new range, or other
  • Better decsions based on deeper insights than before, such as propensity of which skin tones are considering or converting which products, colours, finishes.    
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