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Sci-Net Business Solutions

Stand: 6B78
  • | E-commerce & M-commerce
  • | Multi-Channel Solutions
  • | Merchandise Planning & Inventory Management
  • | POS/POP
  • | Cloud Solutions
  • | IT Infrastructure Management & Security
  • | Supply Chain & Logistics
  • | ERP
  • | Warehouse Management Systems
Sci-Net Business Solutions

Sci-Net Business Solutions are looking forward to showcasing its ERP Retail software solution at the Reatil Technology Show. ERP Retail is built within the powerful Microsoft Dynamics Business Central platform. 

Sci-Net will also be on hand to demonstrate our partner solution LS Retail, a world-leading developer and provider of all-in-one business management software solutions.

We are looking forward to providing retailers with the essential tools and functionality to succeed in today’s ever-changing retail environment and stay ahead of the competition.


ERP House
ERP House, Duns Tew Grange, Duns Tew Road
United Kingdom
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    14 Mar 2023
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  •  Sci-Net's award-winning ERP>Retail solution can help retailers streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and boost their bottom line.  
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