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Using true machine learning and thousands of the very latest Ai's, we can address any of your retail workforce challenges and as our name suggests, solve them with Ai.

So whether it is using Ai for greater Demand & Forecasting predictions or utilizing our retail Ai for the very latest auto-scheduling like you have never seen before.

Even with the current retention and recruitment crisis widespread across the sector, our Retention.Ai is saving retailers thousands on onboarding and improving retention.

All of our products and services can work with your existing providers, so come over for a chat and let us show you how we can deliver your work tech Ai strategy.

We would love to discuss and present to you some of our solutions and successful retail case studies.


Scotiabank House
6 South Charlotte Street
United Kingdom
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  • Retention Ai is a human resource forecasting tool that can accurately forecast how many people are going to leave an organisation in the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Using data and a set of identified insi ...
  • Scheduling Ai will take your demand forecast and automate the building of each individual rota within minutes. Ensuring that the optimal rota is built which is 100% compliant with Working Time Directi ...
  • Forecasting Ai ensures that you have the right staff, in the right place at the right time. Driven by demand data and processed by multiple AI’s. No two shops are the same, they all have unique enviro ...
  • Our Demand Ai takes a forecast of predicted revenue, transactions or footfall and calculates how many staff you need to ensure that the forecast is delivered at the optimal cost whilst ensuring great ...


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