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Sparta Loyalty

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Sparta Loyalty

Sparta Loyalty is a market-verified provider of an omnichannel loyalty ecosystem focused on providing a data-driven comprehensive omnichannel CRM platform, deep customer analytics, flexible promotion engine, marketing campaign automation modules, and complete loyalty mobile applications under one roof.

Sparta Loyalty leverages these tools to secure a higher customer retention rate while using the full potential of loyalty databases and taking control over the loyalty responsibilities within existing marketing teams and budgets. The system has been created on the fundamental practices of innovation, experience, and future foresight. In addition, with over 40+ Relationship Marketing / Loyalty Scheme projects with almost 130 global brands, including the 2 most extensive multi-partner programs in Europe, we process more than 80+ million online transactions monthly for 60+ million members.

Furthermore, our experience is gained from multiple loyalty projects in various industries (FMCG, Petrol, Fashion, Luxury Goods, Pharmacy, Tourism, Retail) and models (B2C, B2B).

The Sparta Loyalty Platform supports marketing operations of such prominent brands as Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, oBag, New Balance, Samsung, and Xiaomi, to name a few.

About Sparta Loyalty

Sparta Loyalty's core values depend on constantly developing state-of-the-art solutions while maintaining the highest standard of business integrity. Our understanding of consumer needs goes far beyond a data-based approach, as our ethos is deeply placed on revolutionizing customer experience and consumer psychology. Our team specializes in business analysis and loyalty architecture. We provide API-centric, Low-Code Tech, and fully customizable loyalty programs that can be easily assimilated into your business. In addition, the knowledge we offer can help you avoid many costly conceptual errors that often occur during creating and managing a loyalty ecosystem.

Sparta Loyalty is at the forefront of digital and physical loyalty marketing needs by providing an array of modern solutions that are in touch with the human experience.

Our case studies:

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  • Sparta Loyalty, a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive suite of loyalty programs for businesses of all sizes.
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