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17 Mar 2022

Meet the latest start-up stars of retail at The Retail Technology Show

Meet the latest start-up stars of retail at The Retail Technology Show

Taking place across the two-day event at London’s Olympia on 26-27 April 2022, the Retail Start-Up Safari is a key part of Retail Technology Show’s continued commitment to driving the retail industry forwards through innovation.  Carefully curated by Baringa, the Start-Up Safari will take retail visitors on a journey of discovery as they explore the top ten picks of tomorrow’s most exciting technologies set to disrupt the retail sector.

Included in the top ten cutting-edge tech featured as part of the Start-Up Safari are:

Dynamic new digital engagement solutions

Promising to take retail in a new direction, London Dynamics’ Augmented Reality (AR) solution helps shoppers digitally bring products to life. Offering ultra-realistic 3D product visualisation, the solution serves AR content direct from a brand or retailers’ website, side stepping the need for coding or app development to deliver speedy and seamless deployment.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) and marketing orchestration tool, Ometria, is another solution on the Start-Up Safari that helps retailers improve digital engagement.  It combines AI-powered customer insight and automation to drive personalisation at speed and scale to drive up engagement rates, customer retention and lifetime value.

Meanwhile, hot off six National Technology Award shortlists earlier this month, Personify XP showcases its solution that turns anonymous, single-session site visitor data into actionable real-time insight, allowing ecommerce retailers to dynamically segment and overlay personalisation as a customer shops on-site.

Digitalising in-store experiences and insights

In-store, Shoppermotion’s technology helps retailers measure the path of shoppers, automatically generating insights on footfall, flow patterns and dwell time, both at the store and at the category level to optimise operations and customer experience (CX).  

Similarly, Blockdox is another innovation featured on the Safari which helps retailers optimise their bricks-and-mortar estates, focusing in on metrics including space optimisation, indoor air quality and energy use to improve operations, sustainability and compliance.

Other solutions featured on the Start-Up Safari reimagine how the checkout can be used to capture customer feedback and data to improve in-store CX.  TruRating allows shoppers to provide feedback on payment devices or at the Point of Sale, capturing real-time customer sentiment and operational performance benchmarks, while Slip a retailer agnostic app, allows customers to receive digital receipts, simply through scanning a QR code, reducing queue times of email receipt capture.

Tech for good

Undoubtedly, sustainability has risen up the retail agenda; original research of over 2,000 UK shoppers in Retail Technology Show’s ‘Retail Revolution’ report showed that 47% already actively buy more from brands they perceive to be green and 60% said retailers’ commitment to sustainability would become more of an important factor in buying decisions over the next five years. 

And this is reflected in the Start-Up Safari, with the inclusion of Brand Conscience, a sustainability and ethics scoring platform, which helps retailers and consumers to make greener choices faster. Offering a 5-point validated scoring metric, applied as an easy read graphic strip on product labels.

The tech for good theme is also seen on the Safari with Kindred, a carbon neutral app monetization network, enabling brands and consumers to offset all carbon produced by products and services bought on the network, rewarding app owners, brands, users & charities in the process.

While Face Donate is another tech solution that also supports charitable funding, helping conscious consumers see the full lifecycle of a donation so they have full transparency on how their contributions are impacting the causes they support.

Lucy Larkin, Partner in the Consumer Products & Retail team at Baringa, commented: “We’re thrilled to be working with the team at the Retail Technology Show to bring the Retail Start-Up Safari back for a third time.  We’ve seen so much innovative tech that curating the top ten was a difficult but exciting task, and we can’t wait to showcase them all at the show.”

Matt Bradley, Event Director for the Retail Technology Show, commented: “With the keenest of eyes for relevant, fresh and forward-looking innovation, Baringa has always curated the best examples of disruptive start-up technology for our Safari, and we’re delighted to have them onboard as we reunite the industry’s retailers and innovators at the 2022 show.  With tech that answers some of retail’s most pressing issues around customer engagement, the digitalisation of the store, data enrichment and sustainability commitments, there’s a wealth of forward-looking tech to be seen on the Safari and throughout the show.”

Registration to the event that brings together Europe’s leading tech innovators and most forward-thinking retailers and brands is now open.