Fireside Chat Interview: Evaluating How Customer Expectations Have Changed Over The Last Two Years And What Retailers Can Do To Meet Them

27 Apr 2022
Headline Theatre
  1. How has Coronavirus impacted customer expectations from retailers over the last two years?  
  2. Which tools and techniques can retailers use to better understand the expectations of customers in the current environment? 
  3. What do customer service teams need to do to meet these increased expectations? 
  4. How has the sustainability agenda impacted what customers expect of retailers and how should retailers respond?  
  5. How can retailers use their brand identity to meet customer expectations? 
  6. How can retailers maximise loyalty when customer expectations are so high? 
  7. How are customer expectations likely to develop over the next 18 months and what should retailers be doing today to prepare? 
Laura Rosenberger, Co-Founder - Laylo