Fireside Chat Interview : Using Technology And Data To Improve The Digital Customer Experience And Journey Through Personalised Communications At Every Touchpoint

27 Apr 2022
Headline Theatre
  1. What are customers' expectations of personalisation when their journey is across multiple touchpoints?
  2. How should retailers invest effectively in the single customer view and why is that so important for customer experience?
  3. How should retailers approach building a personalisation strategy that engages customers throughout their journey and maximises opportunities for profit?
  4. What are the key data challenges that restrict effective personalisation and how can they best be overcome?
  5. How can retailers ensure their personalisation initiatives are not viewed as intrusive?
  6. Which technologies offer the retailer the best ROI for driving digital customer experience?
Paul Hornby, Digital Customer Experience Director - The Very Group
Sarah Curran Usher MBE, NED, French Connection, MD EMEA, True Fit, Former MD, Very Exclusive & Former Founder, my-wardrobe.com